Eye Color Palette-Beautifi Your Eyes!

Everyone has unique eyes and what better way to modify those eyes but to add color. There are many eye shadow colors that will match the pigment of your eyes. First, you need to determine the color of your eyes: Hazel(brown), Blue, Green or Dark Brown. Although there are different eye shapes such as Almond, Down Turned, Protruding, Hooded, Deep & Close sets; See Applying Eye Shadow-tips and tricks for eye shapes page. Before You get started, it would be best to have the right tools such as eye shadow brushes and watch how to tutorials to show you exactly how to apply the eye shadow to your eyes; especially if it is your first time using an eye color palette.

Below you will find different eye shadow colors that will Beautify Your Eyes!

Determine the pigment of your eye then, find colors that will make up your eye color palette…


Hazel eyes (which consist of gold, brown and green tones within the iris) have a unique look because of its mixture of colors. Therefore, darker eye shadows work best when determining colors that would go with your natural eye shade. Hazel eyes have the advantage of applying many eye shadow colors; depending on the make up you put on, the color of your hair, the clothes you wear or the degree of light used indoor or outdoors, the natural eye can appear to change colors. Sweep a light layer of green or brown eye shadow over the eye and add gold to the center of the eyelid and both corners to highlight the eye. The Key to making Hazel eyes stand out, is to apply colors that will bring richness and warmth to the eye; like a neutral shade of brown.

Use Palettes that have these colors to make your Hazel eyes POP: Creams, dark browns & blues(navy), deep grey, green(olive or emerald) and purple(plum).

Bonus: Add a little Bronze to your eye shadow to ignite your natural eye color.

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes(which have no pigmentation, unless it is exposed to light)are one of the rarest and in some cases, rated the most sought-after eye color out there.  Whether the color of your eye is hazel, baby or ocean blue, applying shades of brown to your eye lid adds depth and is complimentary. Blue eyes look great when you apply neutral eye shadow colors and are even more astonishing when you add gold and orange colors to the lower lid of the eye. To accentuate the eye use deep eye shadow colors such as browns and purples(lavender) or lighter neutrals colors: gold, peach, dusty pink and orange tones. The key to making Blue eyes stand out, is to apply warm tones and a shimmery eye shadow to the crease of the eye; also, inner and outer corners.

Use Palettes that have these colors to make your Blue eyes POP: Champagne, Taupe, Rich Purples, Rusted Orange and Nude.

Bonus: Apply White, Light Grey or Silver to your eye shadow to ignite your natural eye color.

Green Eyes

Green Eyes(which contain high levels of yellow melanin and lower levels of brown) are essential for using a purple based eye shadow. Lavender, lilac, violate and plum eye shadow colors will draw attention to Green eyes. Burgundy, pink and gold eye shadows also make the eyes look radiant. Hazel Green eyes are absolutely marvelous when you apply a Neutral brown color for a daytime look; in the evening apply gold, copper and bronze to your eyes. If your eyes are Greenish Blue, then you can also use eye shadows that correlate with Blue eyes. The key to making Green eyes stand out, is to apply red based tones and gold eye shadows; also dark purple and green colors if your eyes are Hazel green.

Use Palettes that have these colors to make your Green eyes POP: Champagne, Taupe and small amounts of a Light Blue, Charcoal or Grey shadow will highlight your blue undertones.

Bonus: Blend pink and purple eye shadows for a more dramatic/smokey appearance; purple and light beige eye shadows will ignite your natural eye color.

Dark Brown/Black Eyes

Dark Brown/Black eyes (which contain the most melanin) like Hazel eyes are interchangeable and versatile. Dark Brown/Black eyes can use just about any color of eye shadow. Dark Brown eyes can use the darkest of the darkest shadows (such as matte navy) to the lightest shades of pink. Black eyes can use purple (plum) and gold tones such as copper to bring out the warm natural colors of your eyes. The key to making Dark Brown/Black eyes stand out, is to apply dark blue and purple shades to your eyes.

Use Palettes that have these colors to make your Dark Brown/Black eyes POP: Gold Eye Shadow

Remember that all eyes are beautifully made, so applying the right color(s) to your lids will make it more distinctive. Knowing what colors are contained in your iris can give you ideas as to which color palette(s) to purchase. Your wardrobe, hair and skin color play a factor when determining which eye make up to put on; stick with eye shadows that will make your eyes look appealing and flawless. I highly recommend watching how to tutorials to learn how to apply and blend your eye shadow colors. You will also learn which tools and applicators to use when applying your eye shadow color to your eyes.

See Eye Shadow Palette for Nude Eye shadow colors or Best Eye Shadow Palettes for the Popular, Colorful, Dramatic and Smokey Eye Shadow Colors.  Also check out the Eye Makeup Looks page which can also help determine the eye-look you may want to achieve. Eye shadow Palettes come in different types of product, brands and vary in price.  If you wear colored contacts make sure you do not forget to match that hue with the right color palette; there is an eye shadow color for every eye. 

Since there are all types of eye shadow palettes(even ones that you can customize), choose a palette that will Beautifi your eyes!

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